1. Matt Macfarlane and Brodie McCulloch

Welcome to Startup West, the podcast about building great startups in sunny Western Australia with people who’ve been here and done it, or live here and are doing it!

In this first episode, Startup News’ Charlie Gunningham and Beth Caniglia talk with Yuuwa Capital director Matt Macfarlane and Spacecubed’s Brodie McCulloch.

Matt is a well known West Australian early stage VC and angel investor, and Brodie set up the first coworking space, Spacecubed, in 2012 in Perth, which has since gone to open new, expanded coworking spaces FLUX and Riff as well as the Plus Eight muru-D tech accelerator.

– Spacecubed – https://www.spacecubed.com
– Yuuwa Capital – https://yuuwa.com.au
– 1.15 – Previous podcast with Charlie, Matt and Brodie – https://soundcloud.com/businessnews-wa/views-on-the-startup-scene
– 11.50 – //SN article on Matt speaking at eGroup – https://www.startupnews.com.au/2018/06/20/lessons-learnt-from-a-venture-capitalist/
– 16.52 – Accelerating Commercialisation program – https://www.business.gov.au/assistance/entrepreneurs-programme/accelerating-commercialisation
– 17.45 – SpacetoCo – https://www.spacetoco.com
– 17.59 – VGW – https://www.vgw.co
– 19.58 – Credi – https://credi.com
– 22.27 – PowerLedger – https://powerledger.io

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