71. Annie Brox – Origo Farm

Danelle and Brodie talk with Annie Brox, the founder of Origo Farm, an agtech business that recently won both a Boosting Female Founding grant (one of only 3 in WA) as well as an Accelerating Commercialisation grant in 2019, for her farm-based IoT platform and devices business.

From growing up in a farming family in Norway, to working in telecoms, she arrived in Western Australia to found Origo, that works with farmers to improve connectivity as well as providing IoT hardware devices and a platform to improve efficiency.

“Get to know your customers, early on, really really get to know your customers. Do the hard yards with your customers. Get in customers, early early on. And just tell them, openly, I’m thinking about this, would you like to be on board, in terms of giving me feedback. Don’t choose all the nice ones that say yes, yes, yes, yes…” ~ Annie Brox.

For more: www.origo.farm

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