66. Louise and Rob Daw – MiPlan

Charlie talks with the co-founders of mining tech startup MiPlan, Louise and Rob Daw. The couple met in a former software business, and decided to set out on their own to solve a problem they saw in the resources industry.

Seven years in, they had built it up to a scale that they were acquired by major mining software conglomerate Hexagon Mining, where Rob is now CTO.

They both share their journey, through the startup phase, winning clients, fund-raising and hiring staff through to exit.

“He has a really good vision where technology and the mining industry should go, and often I’m very risk averse… even though we did take on all this risk of having a business, I didn’t want to take on more debt, or go into too many unknown markets… we did get there eventually, but we probably could have got there faster…” ~ Louise Daw.

For more: http://miplanconsulting.com

and https://hexagonmining.com/


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