41. Olivia Humphrey – Kanopy

Danelle and Charlie talk with Olivia Humphrey, founder of on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities Kanopy.

One of the most successful tech startups to come out of Perth, Olivia set up the business in 2006, moving to the States in 2013. The business was recently acquired by a US-based private equity firm. She is now back in Perth with her family, having exited her CEO role last year. She remains a small shareholder of the business, and its biggest fan.

“It was a decision, do we stay here in Australia and keep it an Australian-focussed business, or do we move it to the US and take on the world? And I remember my husband looking at me and saying ‘I’m not going to die with this regret of yours, let’s try it’. So we packed up two bags and a baby and moved over in 2013.” – Olivia Humphrey.

For more: www.kanopy.com

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