38. Josephine Muir – Noisy Guts

Recorded down at Riff studios, Danelle and Charlie talk with Dr Josephine Muir, co-Founder and CEO of medtech business Noisy Guts.

Noisy Guts are developing an acoustic belt that non-invasively and accurately diagnoses and monitors common gut disorders. From an idea Nobel Laureate Prof Barry Marshall jotted down on a serviette at an Innovator of the Year function, the team is about to enter clinical trials.

“Is it tough? Yeah, of course it’s tough. However, there are a lot of people in Perth that have got money. A lot of people in Perth that have made money. I think if your business case makes sense, and you can articulate that, you’ll find them.” ~ Jo Muir.

For more: https://www.noisyguts.net/

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