36. The Startup News team

A cross over episode from TechSociety.fm, with the people behind Startup News: Patrick Green, Marcus Holmes and Charlie Gunningham.

Started at the end of 2013, just as the first co-working spaces, tech accelerators and funding groups were appearing, Startup News showcases the exciting early stage tech sector in Perth and around Western Australia.

Founder Patrick Green, Marcus Holmes (who’s now based in Berlin) and Charlie Gunningham talk about the origins of Startup News, the state of the startup scene here in WA, and loads of other related topics.

This edited package has been compiled with permission from the fine people behind Tech Society, Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen (who you’ll also hear on the pod) and Lan Tran.

Head on over to Tech Society.fm to hear the whole thing, and other great podcasts they’ve put out.

For more: https://startupnews.com.au/
And: https://www.techsociety.fm/

Startup West is recorded in beautiful Perth, WA; produced by Startup News, edited by Carmen Yee Kai Wen and brought to you thanks to support from the New Industries Fund, Spacecubed, Curtin University, RSM and the City of Perth.