13. Iain McIntyre, HUMM Tech

We talk with the CEO and co-founder of WA-founded HUMM Tech, Iain McIntyre, who is now based over in Silicon Valley in the US. He explains why the ‘flip up’ (as its known) occurred, and what HUMM are doing in the neuroscience space. And also, what’s an ‘almost law graduate’ doing in this funky startup anyway?

Since developing HUMM, the company has been through Perth’s Plus Eight tech accelerator and won a place and investment at the Skydeck Accelerator at the Uni of Berkley, California. We caught up with him on a recent trip to Perth to talk about how his startup is humming along… 🙂

For more: https://www.humm.tech/

Interviewers: Charlie Gunningham & Beth Caniglia.

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